I have always known
the seeds of love
now fully grown..

would remind me
of all that's lost
and tossed

in the living
of life..

and giving
of our truth.

The above poem is one of 62 poems in Poems from the Universe, a collection of my short poems exploring our shared human condition, and the changes we go through along the way. The follow up book This Beautiful Abyss is also available. Poems from the soul for the soul. Many thanks to all who visit.

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Dream Scenes

I’ve been creating these mini paintings for the past year…for my Hand-Painted Art Cards (One-Off & Eco Friendly).

I never plan anything when I’m painting them….they just emerge…like dream scenes. At one point I realised that these little paintings never have any signs of human activity. How beautifully nature flows in the absence of human activity within my imagination… and in reality. Why are we the only species that so brutally and permanently carves our name on the landscape?

I’ve painted many of these wee paintings during this time, and they’ve found their way to people from my Online Shop. Some will have been framed; others will have been thrown away (they’re Eco Friendly though 🌼🌻 ). I like the thought of transient things that leave no permanent trace. Beautifully impermanent…like each of us. Much love…Mairi πŸ’™